Nature Genetics: A homozygous frameshift mutation in the mouse Flg gene facilitates enhanced percutaneous allergen priming

Padraic G Fallon, Takashi Sasaki, Aileen Sandilands, Linda E Campbell, Sean P Saunders, Niamh E Mangan, John J Callanan, Hiroshi Kawasaki, Aiko Shiohama, Akiharu Kubo, John P Sundberg, Richard B Presland, Philip Fleckman, Nobuyoshi Shimizu, Jun Kudoh, Alan D Irvine, Masayuki Amagai, & W H Irwin McLean View Article May 5,2009

Science: A Papaver somniferum 10-Gene Cluster for Synthesis of the Anticancer Alkaloid Noscapine.

Noscapine is an antitumor alkaloid from opium poppy that binds tubulin, arrests metaphase, and induces apoptosis in dividing human cells. Elucidation of the biosynthetic pathway will enable improvement in commercial production of noscapine and related bioactive molecules. Transcriptomic analysis revealed the exclusive expression of 10 genes encoding five distinct enzyme classes in a high noscapine-producing […]