We have OPTIMIZED the PacBio 30 Kb Library Protocol. Check out these 30 Kb Lib results.

For the BEST results, have us isolate the DNA for you, to insure we get the longest possible starting template.

Click here to see details on 18 Kb (average first strand read length) using our NGS grade DNA in collaboration with Pacific Biosciences R&D team.

We can use genomic DNA, BAC clones, Fosmid clones, cDNA clones or PCR products.

We are happy to send SMRT Bell DNA Library (ready to run) to your favorite PacBio Service provider or we can run the libraries and deliver data to you.

You provide DNA or provide tissue and have our team isolate NGS grade DNA for SMRTbell library construction. We are experts at making ultrapure NGS grade DNA, which give the longest reads possible.

Contact us to share details about your project and to get a quote.