What is genomic DNA BAC library screening?


“Screening a genomic DNA BAC Library” is identifying a Region Of Interest (ROI) on a BAC clone insert or Fosmid clone insert. Researchers can then study the entire gene region surround the ROI, promoters, 5′ and 3′ UTR and tgenic inserts. Amplicon Express specializes in library screening services. You simply provide any known information, we design and optimize probes, build screening tools (Nylon Filters or Pools & Superpools) and screen the resource for you. We can screen a pre-existing genomic DNA libraries (BAC, PAC, TAC, Fosmid, Cosmid etc), or create a custom gDNA library for your project.

What kind of library screening does Amplicon Express perform and how much genome coverage is needed?

We will screen clones from any gDNA Library using PCR (Pools & Superpools) or DNA/DNA hybridization: depending on the nature of the region of interest and the budget.

Tell us about your project (organism, haploid genome size, number of regions of interest and your project goals).

We will help you determine the appropriate library coverage and most cost effective screening tools.

We start by making calculations of the probability of finding a particular locus on a clone with libraries with 1X, 3X, 5X, or 10X coverage, to help you determine the amount of genomic coverage needed (and be cost effective as possible).

We have many “arrows in our quiver” to tackle the most challenging library screening projects!

What DNA sequence information do I need to know/provide for a Library Screening Project?

You will need to submit ~1Kb to ~2Kb of high-quality genomic DNA sequence data for each region of interest. Amplicon will design appropriate primers/probes for identifying the region of interest on a genomic DNA clone, optimize the probe (on gDNA) and screen the appropriate BAC Library for you. This service includes confirmation of putative positive “hits” (i.e. BAC clones containing homology to the region of interest).

Note: if you only have cDNA information for your project, we can perform R&D to build genomic probes from these data (remember cDNA has introns removed).


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