With WGP technology you get high quality sequence tags from BAC’s assembled into contigs.

WGP is a powerful method for Whole Genome Physical Map construction developed in partnership with KeyGene. WGP is a powerful strategic technique we have applied to dozens of plant genome projects since announcing the technology at the 2009 Plant & Animal Genome Conference.
Tomato Genome Improvements! WGP Original Version WGP 2.0
Published in Nature
May 31, 2012
Chimeric BAC removal &
SuperBAC strategy
# BACs 66,084 54,855
# SuperBACs & remaining single BACs n/a 14,683 & 1956
# tags 261,913 255,341
# (Super)BACs in contigs 52,617 (80%) 15,175 (91%)
# contigs 251 665
N50 contig size (Mb) 0.563 Mb 3.312 Mb
Avg contig size (Mb) 0.378 1.323
Coverage (Mb) 953 880

Experience with various WGP Projects:

The patented WGP technology was published in Genome Research; you can also read our chapter on WGP in Tag-Based Next Generation Sequencing (Chapter 17).

We have performed WGP on a 4.5 Gbp Tobacco strain (details were presented by our client at PAG in 2011), two strains of Arabidopsis, a 450 Mbp melon (de-novo), a 150 Mbp parasite, and dozens of other plant species. Our clients have presented WGP data on the potato and tomato genome (Click here to read more PDF). We have performed WGP on BAC clones from very large genomes and have found WGP to be “scaleable” on huge genomes. The Whole Genome Profiling WGP Results 9 Projects Amplicon and KeyGene PDF includes details on nine different WGP projects from various plants.

Amplicon Express and Keygene have generated over 40 physical maps for 27 different species with varying genome sizes (130 Mbp -5000 Mbp) and complexities. New pop-up window WGP track record.

Why WGP 2.0 is better than SnapShot or other mapping/fingerprinting technologies:

With WGP, BAC clones are assembled into contigs which are linked together by DNA sequence data, not by DNA fragment lengths as with other fingerprinting technologies! Fragment-length data are not sequence based, so SnapShot data cannot be added/assembled directly into a Whole Genome Sequencing project.

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