Amplicon Express is getting Long Range data on Illumina (Chromium Linked Reads)

  • We start with very long gDNA and use Illumina short read seq to get LONG RANGE DATA!
  • Long Range data from short read Illumina sequencers
  • Linked Reads enable haplotyping, structural variation detection and >5 Mb haplotype blocks
  • Low DNA input allows accurate human phasing from <5ng of genomic DNA (or less).
  • FREE Software Tools – Analysis Pipeline and Visualization Package from 10X Genomics



Amplicon Express Service Team is making Chromium libraries on the 10X Genomic platform – Optimized for Illumina HiSeq2500. Linked-Read data are used in whole genome sequencing to deliver megabase-scale phase blocks and can be used to resolve chromosomal rearrangements such as gene fusions, as well as CNVs including deletions and duplications.

The company 10X Genomics: developed an innovative system providing long range data by upgrading existing next generation sequencing (NGS) systems. The Chromium Platform uses molecular barcoding to characterize individual, long DNA molecules as a powerful new data type called Linked-Reads.

The Chromium Technology

The fundamental base of the technology is the precise partitioning of 1 ng of DNA to create a picoliter droplet containing molecular barcodes, a reagent master mix and of your TARGET High Molecular Weight DNA.

The Chromium Software suite provides turn-key analysis pipelines and visualization tools for phasing and structural variants from barcoded short read data.  Learn about the Chromium Technology

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