Guidelines for shipping starting materials for BAC Libraries, Fosmid Libraries and Materials for DNA Extractions

After collecting and snap freezing your starting materials, you should have one or more 50ml screw-cap centrifuge tube or foil packets in a plastic bag. Place the bag in a small cardboard box and secure the box. Add padding material as needed. General shipping instructions After you have packed your starting materials safely inside a cardboard […]

Guidelines for snap freezing starting materials

Plant Tissue   Collect the recommended amount of desired tissue. Wrap the tissue with aluminum foil. It is helpful to separate the tissue into 2 or 3 smaller packages. Label the package(s) with the following information: Organism name Date collected Amplicon Express quote number Fill a mortar or similar receptacle with liquid nitrogen. Allow it […]

Guidelines for collecting starting materials for BAC Libraries and Fosmid Libraries

All materials, regardless of organism, should be freshly-collected, immediately snap frozen in liquid nitrogen (or a dry ice ethanol bath), and stored at -80C until shipped on dry ice. For specific organisms, see details below. Plants: We have the best results starting with very young leaf/seedling tissue that has been grown in the dark for […]

Genome Research: Sequence-based physical mapping of complex genomes by whole genome profiling

We present whole-genome profiling (WGP), a novel next-generation sequencing-based physical mapping technology for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) contigs of complex genomes, using Arabidopsis thaliana as an example. WGP leverages short read sequences derived from restriction fragments of two-dimensionally pooled BAC clones to generate sequence tags. These sequence tags are assigned to individual BAC […]