A High Quality Draft Consensus Sequence of the Genome of a Heterozygous Grapevine Variety

Riccardo Velasco, Andrey Zharkikh., Michela Troggio., Dustin A. Cartwright, Alessandro Cestaro, Dmitry Pruss, Massimo Pindo, Lisa M. FitzGerald, Silvia Vezzulli, Julia Reid, Giulia Malacarne, Diana Iliev, Giuseppina Coppola, Bryan Wardell, Diego Micheletti, Teresita Macalma, Marco Facci, Jeff T. Mitchell, Michele Perazzolli, Glenn Eldredge, Pamela Gatto, Rozan Oyzerski, Marco Moretto1, Natalia Gutin, Marco Stefanini, Yang Chen, Cinzia Segala, Christine […]

A sequence-based survey of the complex structural organization of tumor genomes

Benjamin J Raphael., Stanislav Volik., Peng Yu, Chunxiao Wu, Guiqing Huang, Elena V Linardopoulou, Barbara J Trask, Frederic Waldman†, Joseph Costello, Kenneth J Pienta, Gordon B Mills, Krystyna Bajsarowicz, Yasuko Kobayashi†, Shivaranjani Sridharan†, Pamela L Paris†, Quanzhou Tao, Sarah J Aerni, Raymond P Brown, Ali Bashir, JoeWGray§§, Jan-Fang Cheng, Pieter de Jong, Mikhail Nefedov, Thomas Ried, Hesed M Padilla-Nash and Colin C Collins […]

A Strong Candidate for the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Gene BRCA1

Yoshio Miki, Jeff Swensen, Donna Shattuck-Eidens, P. Andrew Futreal, Keith Harshman, Sean Tavtigian, Qingyun Liu, Charles Cochran, L. Michelle Bennett, Wei Ding, Russell Bell, Judith Rosenthal, Charles Hussey, Thanh Tran, Melody McClure, Cheryl Frye, Tom Hattier, Robert Phelps, Astrid Haugen-Strano, Harold Katcher, Kazuko Yakumo, Zahra Gholami, Daniel Shaffer, Steven Stone, Steven Bayer, Christian Wray, Robert Bogden, Priya Dayananth, John Ward, Patricia […]

Whole Genome Profiling provides a robust framework for physical mapping and sequencing in the highly complex and repetitive wheat genome

Romain Philippe, Frederic Choulet, Etienne Paux, Jan van Oeveren, Jifeng Tang, Alexander HJ Wittenberg, Antoine Janssen, Michiel JT van Eijk, Keith Stormo, Adriana Alberti, Patrick Wincker, Eduard Akhunov, Edwin van der Vossen, Catherine Feuillet View PDF Jan 20, 2012

Genome Research: Sequence-based physical mapping of complex genomes by whole genome profiling

We present whole-genome profiling (WGP), a novel next-generation sequencing-based physical mapping technology for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) contigs of complex genomes, using Arabidopsis thaliana as an example. WGP leverages short read sequences derived from restriction fragments of two-dimensionally pooled BAC clones to generate sequence tags. These sequence tags are assigned to individual BAC […]