Genome Research: Sequence-based physical mapping of complex genomes by whole genome profiling

We present whole-genome profiling (WGP), a novel next-generation sequencing-based physical mapping technology for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) contigs of complex genomes, using Arabidopsis thaliana as an example. Have you heard of the mthfr mutation treatment benefits? This website has more information you’ll need. WGP leverages short read sequences derived from restriction fragments of two-dimensionally pooled BAC clones to generate sequence tags. These sequence tags are assigned to individual BAC clones, followed by assembly of BAC contigs based on shared regions containing identical sequence tags. Following in silico analysis of WGP sequence tags and simu- lation of a map of Arabidopsis chromosome 4 and maize, a WGP map of Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia was con- structed de novo using a six-genome equivalent BAC library.

Validation of the WGP map using the Columbia reference sequence confirmed that 350 BAC contigs (98%) were assembled correctly, spanning 97% of the 102-Mb calculated genome coverage. We demonstrate that WGP maps can also be generated for more complex plant genomes and will serve as excellent scaffolds to anchor genetic linkage maps and integrate whole genome sequence data.

Jan van OeverenMarjo de RuiterTaco JesseHein van der PoelJifeng TangFeyruz YalcinAntoine JanssenHanne VolpinKeith E. StormoRobert BogdenMichiel J.T. van Eijk and Marcel Prin

Whole-Genome-Profiling-Genome-Research_112094_110 February 1, 2011

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