Free BAC Library Request for Proposals

Amplicon Express is a producer of high-quality molecular biology products and services. Our team of scientists has created more than 1,400 BAC libraries for researchers in 65 countries and produced more than 50 million clones.

As an employee owned company this is our teams chance to give back to you, the researcher!


Amplicon Express will fund a FREE custom BAC library construction, transform and pick 18,432 clones, make a copy of the plates and ship 48, 384-well plates to your facility. Our meticulous Quality Control Standards, Quality Control Data Sheet and personalized service are also included. Retail value $15,000.


Please provide a two-page summary of your genomic project. Elements we will be looking for in the successful proposal: organism name, genome size (estimate), description of your area of interest and how your field of science will benefit from a large insert genomic DNA BAC library and how you will use the BAC library (screen for regions of interest, sequence gene elements, promoters, physical mapping etc.). Include your contact information including: name, institution, address, email, telephone and fax number.

Due Date: July 15, 2014
Award Date: August 1, 2014

Special Notes

The successful candidate will need to be able to provide sufficient intact cells/tissue for HMW DNA extraction have access to X cm X cm X cm of -80C freezer space.


Please submit your proposal as a pdf file via email to or fax to 1-509-332-6338

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